Friday, April 13, 2012

April Writing Challenge 2012 – Day 13

Day 13 prompt:

Write a persona poem from the point of view of something you find in your closet. You get bonus points if you can guess what I am.

A persona poem is a poem written in first person from the point of view of an inanimate object or a person other than yourself. It may or may not rhyme—that’s completely up to you.

Poem from a Bedroom Closet

This gum has lost its flavor
This hole creates a draft
What is this? mud? or tar?
How did I get so trashed?

I’ve been feeling empty lately,
just lying about in the dark—
I used to get out, run and play
every day around the park

No one understands my tongue
My best friends are your roller skates
I miss the days when you were young
and you took me with you every place

Maybe you could ask your mom
if it wasn’t too much bother
to send me to another home
or give me to your little brother


  1. The Long Lost Dress

    Me, pick me, I don’t mean to be a pest,
    but aren’t I the dress you like the best?
    You bought me two years ago at the discount store
    promising I’d fit with just a few pounds more.
    I know, things happened, and your plans backfired,
    So I’ve hung here two summers, feeling retired.
    But you’ve done it, you’ve lost it, I fit you now.
    So, put me on girl, and take a bow!

    1. You go girl! Yay! Take a bow for the poem too! :)

  2. I though I would be loved
    when I was opened on Christmas day.
    But not once have I been touched
    and it's almost May.

    It's so dark in here.
    And there's not much room to move.
    Sometimes I shake with fear.
    That I may never get to groove.

    If you really want me.
    Get me out to play.
    That' what I want to see.
    I just want to have my day.

    1. "...and it's almost May." LOL Love it! Thanks for posting Cindy! :)

  3. skeletonian

    take or leave it as a posit
    but i am the 'in' in your closet
    when i get out i sing an inopportune
    may consider me ancient
    or under the current
    but i am a maelstrom
    a tempest typhoon

    you may dismiss it down the drain
    but i paint your indelible stain
    two hundred and sixteen different ways
    so gather effects affairs disorder
    try to find a way south to the border
    i am out to set your playhouse* ablaze

    * with a nod to Ann Peebles via Paul Young

    1. As ever, clever, clever! And what a great song! You rock (& roll). ;)

  4. this was so much fun!

    I Want to be Used

    I sit upon your closet floor,
    A tad bit nearer to the back.
    I face away from the door,
    Buried deep under a stack.
    I was used once upon a time,
    When you needed to be grand.
    I understand I'm not your style,
    But this is getting out of hand.
    If you don't want to use me,
    Why was I purchased at all?
    I want to be used! That's it!
    I hate sitting against the wall!
    Forgive me, I lost my temper,
    I didn't mean to raise my voice.
    But it would be so amazing,
    If I was always your first choice.
    A purse needs to be carried,
    It's the reason I was designed.
    If I don't fulfill my purpose,
    Then I won't feel at all aligned.
    You aren't an un-used purse,
    So you don't know what it's like;
    But if you don't start using me,
    I think I will go on a strike!

    :D hope you all liked it!

    1. I love it! :D "You aren't an un-used purse, so you don't know what it's like..." ROFL You're the best, KayWay! :)

  5. Teddy Bear

    In this empty closet
    I'm in a box of toys.
    Once, a long, long time ago
    I was played with by boys.

    I'm very, very fuzzy
    With two brown ears and tail.
    No one ever hears me,
    Not even one litlle wail.

    1. Aw, poor teddy! You made me want to snuggle him. :) Really fun poem! Thanks for posting!

  6. This is Ray-Fay!! Hope you like it!!

    Every time you open the door
    I always jump from my core.
    The thought of you using me
    isn't always clear to me.
    The first thing I do,
    before I get a clue,
    is look up and down you
    to make sure I complement you.
    Those days don't come often,
    perhaps you can't see through my coffin,
    but I'm your least favorite pair of shoes
    but you wouldn't have a clue.

    1. hahaha! Shoes looking you "up and down" - fantastic image! Great work Ray-Fay! :)

  7. The Acrimonious Arachnid

    Lurking in your closet,
    Waiting for something to bite,
    By day I dream of ghastly snacks
    I hunt for late at night.

    No need to straighten up your room,
    I'm happy living here.
    Although I'm not too worried;
    You clean but once once a year.

    As a hairy, three-inch spider,
    I have just one small fear:
    Just think of what might happen
    If your mother found me here!

  8. Fun! Your persona poetry challenges are my favorite. They seem to inspire the most creativity in your students.

  9. Forgotten Splendor

    Hello there, remember me?
    I sparkle,I shine!
    I used to make you look so fine.

    I haven't been displayed in so many years,
    I miss all those accolades and cheers!

    Why don't you admire me anymore?
    Did I become a glamorous bore?

    Look at me, I'm still lovely and bright!
    So what if I'm a little too tight.

    Come on, remember how it felt.
    I made you look so beautiful, and svelte!

    That's it, don't be shy!
    Just one arm and then the other!

    Rip,tear, OUCH! ....Oh, bother.


    Andrea,you're an old pair of sneakers. No offense.

    1. ROFL! You win the best rhyme award - felt, svelte! Perfection! Love the end -- oh, bother! And I am quite old and stinky sometimes. LOL

    2. Is that what your poem was about? Old sneakers in the closet?

  10. Very delightful fun to read. Thanks.

  11. Priority Mail

    I wore the family name with pride,
    Scrawled in pen upon my side.
    They shipped me here,
    You ripped me up,
    Then left me for a year

    You may not need this picture frame,
    But please take it all the same.
    I'm stored away,
    I'm bored, but please,
    Don't throw me out, okay?

    1. LOL! Good work, kiddo! And I won't ask you to clean your room...

  12. Andrea, my feature of your blog is live! I think you'll like how I used your closet prompt today.

    Hey, any chance of you mentioning my blog in your blog some time and putting up a link? If you don't want to, no problem.

    Thanks for letting me feature!

    1. Here's a link to make it easy for you to get to: blog feature. Waiting for your day 14 prompt!

  13. Thanks again, Vince! I left a comment over in your neighborhood. ;)

  14. You look at me ans smile
    I am your favorite pair
    We have walked together for miles
    It really isn't fair

    To the other shoes, they feel abandoned
    Wondering when they'll be worn
    Wishing to be shot through a cannon
    To escape all the scorn

    That I decide to give them
    They are green with envy, kinda like me
    Though not as good looking as me like a gem
    Even though they hope, they'll never be

    Chosen to be worn this time
    Of course you will go for me, so green
    Wait! Don't grab those shoes! That's a crime!
    Why? How could you be so mean?

    -Emily :)